Conservation & Environmental Associate Professionals


Conservation and environmental associate professionals are responsible for the day-to-day running and management of areas of the countryside and the wider environment in a way that reconciles the interests of conservation, land owners and the public. They carry out practical conservation activities and assist in promoting awareness of the natural environment.


  • Assists with ecological surveys to identify plant and animal species, map their habitat and draw up conservation plans
  • Implements schemes for the management and protection of natural habitats
  • Assists with environmental audits and impact assessments
  • Organises and supervises conservation projects and the work of part-time and voluntary staff
  • Provides information and education to the public through setting up displays, writing leaflets and making presentations
  • Organises guided walks and answers questions from the public about an area and its wildlife
  • Works with the emergency services in instances of fire, flood, injury or mountain rescue.

Entry Requirements

Entrants typically possess a relevant BTEC/SQA award or similar qualification and have prior related experience, often as a volunteer. Apprenticeships and NVQs/SVQs in relevant subjects at Levels 2 and 3 are available.


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