Taking students on for work experience can provide your organisation with a fresh perspective whilst having young people working with you. It also supports your existing staff with development opportunities such as mentoring and supervision to prepare them to become team leaders and managers.

Providing work experience also supports your corporate and social responsibility agenda, enabling you to give something back to your local community.

At Wirral Met College, work experience is an important component of our study programmes. It helps students to explore their career aspirations whilst developing wider employability skills such as communication, confidence, timekeeping and team working. Students can gain genuine experience which they can add to build a good CV. We support them to find local community and work experience to develop skills in the industry related to their study programme.

What will I need to do as the employer?

You will need to provide a placement within your organisation to enable the student to shadow colleagues and undertake tasks and projects to help them build their experience of working. The student will need to be assigned to a key member of your staff who can mentor and support the student to develop their experience.

How long will the work experience last?

We offer a flexible approach to supporting employers providing work experience. You may choose to offer 1 or 2 days' work experience per week over 2-3 months or provide a 1-2 week full-time work placement.


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