Officers In Armed Forces


Officers in armed forces serve as commissioned officers in Her Majesty’s armed forces, foreign and Commonwealth armed forces; plan, direct, organise and administer military operations; and perform duties for which there is no civilian equivalent.


  • Advises and provides information on military aspects of defence policy
  • Plans, directs and co-ordinates military training and manoeuvres
  • Supervises the operation of military units and monitors the activities of junior officers, NCOs and other ranks
  • Plans, directs and administers aid to civilian authorities as requested or when faced with civil disorder, natural disaster or other emergency.

Entry Requirements

Entry to a commission in the UK armed forces is possible with GCSEs/S grades and A levels/H grades, or with higher academic qualifications, or by promotion from NCO or other rank. Each arm of the forces has different age restrictions. Candidates must pass a medical examination and interview.


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