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(UCAS Course Code X420/Institution Code W73)

The aim of the programme is to produce informed, equipped and professional graduates. The programme is focussed on the methods, techniques and academic understanding of early childhood care to enable graduates to apply their acquired skills to the profession. Graduates will be able to critically assess the learning needs of children and babies. They will be able to not only understand and meet these needs but promote and champion the importance of this. The programme has a cultural, diverse and inclusive set of values at its core. From a legislative and historical view point, graduates will understand the debate and context of discrimination and prejudice, working to ensure all children and babies have access to an inclusive learning environment. The programme aims to produce graduates who recognise the moral and ethical values needed to promote equality and respect for all babies and young children, as well as in the workplace.

This will be achieved through a programme that is structured to encompass core areas of understanding such as child development, the family and community, legislation and professional practice, developing research and pedagogy, as well as the personal attributes graduates need to be successful in the workplace.

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