Last updated: 1st April 2022

Effective from 1 April 2022 the government has removed remaining domestic restrictions in England and any specific measures for further education environments.

For the latest advice please visit What to do if you have coronavirus (COVID-19) or symptoms of COVID-19 - NHS ( which includes information about symptoms, self-isolation and testing.

Home LFT test kits remain freely available for staff and students to pick up from the College‚Äôs reception areas. Test kits can also be obtained from local pharmacies (although please note there may be a charge for this). If you have COVID-19, stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

Vaccination continues to be a major contributor in reducing infection rates and the impact on those who become infected.

Everyone must take personal responsibility to remain up to date with the latest Government guidance, which is available online

Covid-19 Restrictions and Risk Assessment

Wirral Met College uses Government guidance and local Public Health advice to determine action designed to reduce the risk of catching and/or spreading the Covid-19 virus.

This guidance and advice changes frequently, to both reflect international advances in scientific research and address local borough or city region infection rates. The health and safety of our students, staff and visitors is of paramount importance and we will continue to ensure that controls are in place to reflect the latest Government and local Public Health guidance. We do this by:

1. Implementing a Risk Assessment, to ensure our governance and management controls reflect the latest Government and Public Health guidance.

2. Engaging and consulting on this with our recognised Trades Unions and our Student Executive Team to maintain regular feedback and input.

3. Providing training for staff and students about Covid-19 risks, what we have introduced to mitigate those risks in College and what is expected of them in following the controls we have put in place.

> Adapting that training to ensure it is accessible to students with learning difficulties and students whose first language is not English.

4. Ensuring communications are displayed around campus, to make the controls clear.

5. Reinforcing general guidance, displayed on campus, through regular communication updates to staff and students, that summarise requirements as they change.

6. Pro-actively encouraging the take up of vaccinations.

7. Pro-actively encouraging regular testing through home based Lateral Flow Testing (LFT).

Everyone must take personal responsibility to remain up to date with the latest Government guidance, which is available online

The controls within College, are:

  • Informed by Government guidance;
  • Informed by the local Public Health Team;
  • Managed by the Health and Safety Manager;
  • Reviewed by the Health and Safety Committee;
  • Led by the Senior Leadership Team;
  • Scrutinised and reviewed by the Board.

Wirral Met College's Covid-19 Risk Assessment

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