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19+ Full Time

19+ Full Time

Studying brickwork could lead to a variety of careers routes in the construction industry. You could see yourself working with building contractors and local authorities, or as a sub-contractor for a building company. With experience, you could progress to a site supervisor or construction management.

Carpenters and joiners construct, erect, install and repair wooden structures and fittings used in internal and external frameworks. To become a carpenter or joiner, you will need good maths skills for measuring and working out angles and the ability to follow technical drawings and plans.

Electricians and electrical fitters assemble parts in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment, and install, maintain, and repair electrical plant, machinery, appliances and wiring. You will develop your skills and experience in the specialist electrical installation workshop facilities.

Painters and decorators use a range of coverings to enhance and protect surfaces. To be a painter and decorator, you should have good practical and creative skills. You will need to be able to work carefully and pay attention to detail and sometimes you will need a good head for heights.

Plasterers apply different kinds of plaster to internal walls and ceilings so that they are ready for decorating. You could also see yourself covering outside walls with coating such as sand, cement, render or pebble dash. You will need maths skills, be physically fit and able to work as part of a team.

Plumbers are responsible for fitting, servicing and repairing hot and cold water systems and heating systems in homes and businesses, including working with gas fires and cookers. You will need to have good problem solving skills and the ability to follow technical plans for a job in plumbing.

Construction is used to describe a variety of trades and career choices, which can lead to senior technical and management positions. You will develop your theoretical knowledge and understanding with the of our professionally qualified and experienced tutors.

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