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The Riviera Restaurant at the Hillbark Hotel (Royden Park) does the thing that the very best restaurants do: it welcomes you through the door, takes your coat and then very politely and professionally allows you to escape from the rest of the world, because the time that you spend in its company is indeed a place apart for all the right reasons as it helps to put the world ‘on pause’ for a special hour or two.

It takes enormous amounts of hard work to seem effortless, and with this in mind, there appears to be a lot of ‘effortlessness’ at Ellie’s Bistro in Greasby, the final venue for part one of the Wirral Young Chef 2016 competition, where chef Jamie Macmahon gave us a classy, intensely likeable meal demonstrating some extremely assured cooking.

Working in Health and Social Care provides people with more than just a salary at the end of the month – jobs in this sector are very rewarding and people working in this industry know that their work has helped others.

A fellowship exhibition by BA Fine Art and BA Illustration with Animation students:
Felix Leyland, Clare Flinn, Bill Fletcher with Alex Crowe, Dave Codling and Rosie Smith.
The fellowships are awarded to selected graduating students from the WMC BA (Hons) degree courses.

This week is national apprenticeship week and Wirral Met College is helping to highlight the great opportunities apprenticeships can provide.

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