Access to HE

If you don't have the necessary qualifications to start a degree level programme, Access to HE courses are designed for adults aged 19+ and prepare you for study at degree level and other university level courses.

We offer Access to HE courses in the following areas:

Course Level Code
Pre Access to HE Humanities and Social Science 2 Y022
Pre-Access to Higher Education – Science 2 S037
Access to HE Psychology 3 Y039
Access to HE Sociology and Criminology with Social Work 3 Y038
Access to Higher Education – Art and Design 3 A019
Access to Higher Education – Biomedical Science 3 S152
Access to Higher Education – Film, Culture and Society 3 Y037
Access to Higher Education – Humanities and Social Science 3 Y001
Access to Higher Education – Midwifery and Professions Allied to Medicine 3 J145
Access to Higher Education – Nursing and Allied Health Professions 3 J004
Access to Higher Education – Performing Arts 3 Y036
Access to Higher Education – Photography and Creative Digital Media 3 Y032
Access to Higher Education – Primary Education 3 Y027
Access to Higher Education – Science 3 S026

Carys Karker

Carys studied the Access to HE- Midwifery and Professions Allied to Medicine course at Wirral Met College. Carys was working in an office and chose to study the course so she could progress on to study Midwifery at John Moores University. Once qualified, and after three years of practising as a Midwife, Carys would like to complete a Masters and become a speicalist Midwife or an Advanced Midwife Practitioner.

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