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Visitor Economy Week showcased an excellent display of cakes with Prenton High and Bebington High school taking part in the Bake Off. The finalists had to think about a product that would help to promote the Wirral as a tourist destination. See their cake masterpieces below:

Josh Hall (Bebington High School)  Called his entry ‘Wirral Whip’ because just like the Wirral, his cakes are full of surprises.


Laura Robinson (Prenton High School) Golf themed caked because of the abundance of golf courses on the Wirral.


Beth Shimwell (Prenton High School) Honey flavoured cake, celebrating 56 years of beekeeping on the Wirral.


Ruben Pitt (Bebington High)-Produced a Birkenhead Park(in) cake representing a flower bed found in the park.


Olivia Gleave (Prenton High)- Produced an ice cream flavoured cup cake and biscuits celebrating Parkgate.


Libby McDonnell (Prenton High)-Produced a cake and cupcakes with each cake representing a Wirral landmark.


The winner Thomas Mort (Bebington High) produced a fantastic sponge cake which he named ‘The Seven Wonders of the Wirral’, the cake was decorated on the top with seven iced sections each one illustrating a Wirral landmark such as Bidston Observatory. The attention to detail was second to none, excellent piping work, good balance of flavour and texture and thoroughly well researched.


The judges were Lorna Tyson who is the General Manager at Merebrook House and Ada Williams, Chef and Lecturer in Pastry and Cake decoration. Congratulations to Thomas and big thanks to all the students who took part it was a fantastic competition we look forward to seeing next years budding bakers. Have a look at some of the other events that happened during visitor economy week.


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