English & Maths

Do you need to improve your English and/or maths?

If you would like to improve your job prospects, gain promotion or you need qualifications in English and/or maths to help you progress, we can help. In addition to GCSE, there is a range of English and maths courses which run throughout the year which are free of charge! For example, we offer 2 hour evening classes in English which start every term.

For more information about English and maths courses, please call 0151 551 7777.  We will explain the options available and arrange your skills check, so that we can help you find the right course.


Course Level Code
Move On English 1 W045
Move On Maths 1 M068
GCSE English Language 2 W003
GCSE Maths 2 M062
Move On Plus English 2 W046
Move On Plus Maths 2 M069
Move Up English E3 W044
Move Up Maths E3 M067