Wirral Met College offers a wide range of vocational courses and professional qualifications which prepare young people for university, jobs and apprenticeships. 

Why you should consider College as well as school sixth form provision   
Take a look at the Association of Colleges' short video below which explains key facts about colleges, apprenticeships and higher education.


Wirral Met's teaching staff have specialist industrial and commercial experience and pass their skills and knowledge on to students at all levels from entry level to degree level.  We work with the University of Central Lancashire, University of Chester and University of Liverpool to deliver Degrees and Foundation Degrees.  Our excellent links with employers enable us to provide students with work placements, apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities.

Our pastoral care is outstanding and enables students to achieve their potential.  We have an additional learning support team of over 60 highly trained and qualified staff, including specialist tutors, communication support workers and learning support assistants.  Learning mentors work alongside personal tutors to support students with time management and study skills to help them keep up with their work and to resolve any personal or financial issues they encounter. 

In addition to a wide range of sports activities and clubs, students join in volunteering and fund raising activities and many courses include trips, residentials and even overseas travel.

We value the contact we have with parents, guardians and carers of students aged 16-18 and, in addition to parents’ evenings, we encourage parents to keep in touch throughout the academic year.

Did you know?

The Education and Skills Act (2008) places a duty on all young people to participate in education or training until their 18th birthday. However, education after the age of 16 does not mean just staying at school, they can choose from the following options:
• Full-time education in college (or school)
• An apprenticeship
• Get a job, be self-employed or volunteer for 20 hours or more per week – and receive part-time education or training leading to a qualification

We provide outstanding support for students

We offer a wide range of support to help them achieve their personal potential, which includes access to Learning Mentors, Additional Learning Support and Counselling.

If your son or daughter has a support need or a medical condition, you can contact our Additional Learning Support team who will be able to provide academic and care support where necessary. If you would like to speak to someone about your needs in confidence, please call 0151 551 7453.

Working together to support your son or daughter

We hope you will join us in supporting and encouraging your son or daughter to take their studies seriously, attend regularly, behave appropriately, be punctual and hand work in on time. Throughout their studies, the college will provide you with information on their progress, with regular opportunities to talk to staff about any issues or concerns you may have. Please call 0151 551 7777 if you do have any concerns.

Do you need help to support your son or daughter when choosing the right course to suit their needs and interests?

Take a look at our online careers tool called Career Coach

Career Coach provides current information about wages, employment prospects and the number of job postings across the local area, to help you:

• See which courses lead to different careers
• Find out how much you can earn in different job roles
• Take a look at specific job roles linked to the career you are interested in, and see how many people work in that sector
• Find out how many jobs there are locally (across Wirral, Liverpool, Merseyside, Chester)

Click here to take advantage of this online careers tool